Research Interests

I am a biochemist and structural biologist focusing my research on the role of enzymes and cell surfaces in blood coagulation. In particular, I am investigating the activation of Factor X, a blood clotting factor. I am also interested in understanding how the activation of prothrombin is regulated. Prothrombin is a protein that is converted to thrombin, which is also involved in blood clotting. Advancements in this area may lead to better treatments for those suffering from hemophilia and other blood-related disorders.

In one project, my colleagues and I are investigating the mechanism of TFPI-dependent regulation of factor Xa by the extrinsic pathway. This study also explores the significance of the regulation of factor Xa formation, the contributions of factor VIIa , and the kinetics of blood cleavages in the conversion of factor IX to IXa. In our study of prothrombin regulation, we are investigating membrane-dependent steps in the activation of prothrombin; the significance of membrane channeling in the kinetic mechanism of prothombinase assembly; and the consequences of activated protein C on the fate of thrombinase.